Protecting Data

At Inventive, ensuring the security and integrity of our data is paramount. We are SOC 2 Type I compliant, with the audit carried out by an independent firm. We are committed to safeguarding all sensitive information with robust security measures. As part of the SOC 2 process, we were benchmarked against five trust principles: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.
System Architecture
Inventive’s infrastructure is built on multi-tier architecture, enabling us to scale based on customer needs. Each tier operates independently and interacts with strict security checks. We use application load balancers to provide increased fault tolerance and availability. Our cloud infrastructure is isolated with dedicated VPCs that are separate for production and staging environments.
Failout and Disaster Recovery
Designed for resilience, our services include redundant systems with failover capabilities and are distributed across multiple availability zones housed in separate data centers to mitigate the risk of single points of failure.
Data Centers
Inventive AI uses reputed and highly secure cloud providers to host our servers, databases and other infrastructure. They are SOC 1, SOC 2, ISO 27001 and PCI Level 1 compliant among others.
Vulnerability Management
We conduct regular scans and penetration tests to identify and proactively address vulnerabilities, and maintain up-to-date security practices. Access keys are rotated periodically for added security.
Direct Internet access is blocked by robust firewalls that protect our servers.
Data Management
Data Isolation
Inventive AI stores customer data securely with explicit and strict tenant isolation by design. Access to datastores is tightly controlled, with keys securely managed away from our codebase. We have meticulously designed our database to logically isolate client data.
All logs are encrypted and stored securely, with sensitive information scrubbed to prevent exposure.
Authentication and Access Control
Single Sign-On
Inventive AI’s SSO is designed for seamless integration with major identity providers like Google, Microsoft, Okta among others using SAML protocol.
System Access
We enforce 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for staff to access all services that make up our software application. Access is restricted only to staff responsible for maintenance and system upkeep and is regularly audited.
User Roles
Inventive offers varied user roles, from administrators to general users, each with appropriate access levels to safeguard Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
We enforce HTTPS across all web services, ensuring secure communication over the Internet.
Data Encryption
Data is encrypted at rest in Amazon Web Services (AWS) via industry-standard encryption (AES-256) and in transit between clients, AWS, and vendors via industry-standard encryption (SSL/TLS v1.2).
Policies and Compliance
Security Policies
Inventive maintains a comprehensive set of updated security policies accessible to all staff members.
Incident Response
A clear protocol is in place for swiftly addressing and mitigating security incidents.
Employee Training and Vetting
We conduct thorough background checks in compliance with local laws and provide regular security training to our staff.
Confidentiality and Disclosure
All staff are bound by confidentiality agreements. We encourage reporting of security concerns directly to our team for prompt and responsible resolution.
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